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History of Freestone County

Freestone County was organized in 1851.  It was created in 1850 from part of Limestone County.  Freestone County derives its name from indigenous stone found here.

Freestone County is located ninety miles south of Dallas, Texas and one hundred and fifty miles north of Houston, Texas along Interstate Forty Five.  The altitude range of Freestone County is 608-209 feet above sea level.  The land area of the county totals up to be 885.2 square miles or 566,528 acres.  The growing season averages two hundred and sixty three days a year.

Fairfield, Texas is the county seat with other principle towns of Teague, Kirvin, Streetman, and Wortham located within the county borders.  The population of Freestone County is 17,000.

Freestone County is characterized by hot, humid summers and moderate winters.  Rainfall is distributed throughout the year with peak accumulations in the spring and fall seasons. 

Freestone County is primarily a livestock county with limited row-crop farming.  Many crops such as wheat, oats, and hay are grown to support livestock industry.

Freestone County has a 9-1-1 service that aids to the safety of our citizens and is further advanced in address/ house numbering than any other county.

Freestone County has nine volunteer fire departments that provide fire protection services to county residents and their property.