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Freestone County Justice Court, Precinct 2

800 Main Street

Teague, TX 75860

(254) 739-2518 (phone)

(254) 739-0939 (fax)


Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Closed on County Holidays



If you are a JUVENILE OR MINOR defined as under 17 years of age, charged with any offense OR under 21 years of age, charged with an alcohol or tobacco offense

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All other defendants may choose from the following:

  • Make a Payment
  • Driving Safety Course Request
  • Deferred Disposition Request
  • Reply Form
  • Dismissal Options
    • Mail on or before your appearance date proof that your insurance or driver's license were valid at the time the ticket was issued and that offense may be dismissed. (A photocopy is acceptable)
    • If you received a ticket for expired vehicle registration, expired inspection sticker or expired driver's license and you renew within 20 days from the date of our ticket and mail proof of renewal to the Court on or before your appearance date on the citation, you may have your ticket dismissed with a $20.00 fee. Inspection sticker cannot be expired for more than 60 days. (Does NOT apply to commercial vehicles)
  • Request an Extension
    •  If you would like to request an extension for your appearance date, please contact the Court at (254) 739-2518.
  • Any other requests need to be made writing and mailed to the Court with your formal plea on or before your appearance date.


Submit to the Court your plea and payment by the appearance date on the citation. Send a self addressed stamped envelope if requesting a receipt.

Failure to appear may result in denial of driver's license renewal and additional fees imposed.

Alternatives to Payment of Fine and Costs

Code of Criminal Procedure Art 27.14(b)


A defendant who is convicted of a criminal offense punishable by fine only is entitled to alternative methods of satisfying the judgment against them if they are unable to pay the fine or costs, in whole or in part.

Those alternative methods include:

  1. A payment plan, allowing the defendant to make payments toward the fine and costs in designated intervals.  Note that if any amount is paid more than 30 days after the judgment assessing the fine or costs then a $15 time payment fee must be assessed.
  2. Disposition of the amount assessed by performing community service.  There are many options that meet the requirements of the law for community service, see Art. 45.049 of the Code of Criminal Procedure for full details.  A defendant is entitled to a minimum of $100 credit for every 8 hours of community service performed.
  3. If performing community service imposes an undue hardship, a defendant who is indigent or who lacks sufficient resources to pay is entitled to a waiver of the fine and costs, in whole or in part.