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Small Claims, Justice Civil and Eviction Suits

Honorable Cinnamon Archibald

The information provided here is not intended to serve as legal advice. The Clerks are prohibited from giving legal advice.  If you have questions of a legal nature, consult an attorney. 

The jurisdictional limit of the Justice Court and Small Claims Court is $10,000.00 exclusive of interest and court costs.  The Small Claims Court can award only monetary damages.  The plaintiff in a lawsuit must know and understand how to file his or her case. The clerk is prohibited from giving advice or legal instruction to either party. 

The filing fee for Small Claims and Justice Civil suits are $41.00 plus the service fee. 

The service fee will depend on the County where the defendant will be served.

In Freestone County, the service fee is $85.

Eviction suits must be filed in the Justice Court where the property is located.


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