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Occupational Driver’s License

Beginning on September 1, 2013, the Freestone County Justice Courts will accept petitions for occupational driver’s licenses under certain circumstances.  A person whose license has been suspended for a cause other than a physical or mental disability or impairment or a conviction for driving while intoxicated, may apply for an occupational license by filing a verified petition with the clerk of a justice, county, or district court with jurisdiction that includes the precinct or county in which:

1) the person resides, or
2) the offense occurred for which the license was suspended.

However, a verified petition may be filed only with the clerk of the court in which the person was convicted if:

1) the person’s license was automatically suspended or canceled for a conviction of the offense under the laws of Texas, and
2) in the 10 years preceding that the date of the filing the petition, the person has not been issued more than one occupational license after a conviction.

The petition must describe in detail the person’s essential need for the occupational driver’s license.  If the license was suspended for a conviction, the petition must state that the person was convicted in the court which the petition was filed for and offense under the laws of Texas.
Information about occupational license is available at the following:

Texas Department of Public Safety – Occupational License

Texas Department of Public Safety – Driver’s License Record


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